Gameday Preview: Bobcats at Lakers

Can't touch this.

Ok everyone, lets take a step back, catch our breath and try to forget about what just happened in Denver Wednesday night.  I can say with some confidence that it was the worst assault in Denver since someone gave Kobe a coupon for one free weekend at the Cordillera Spa.   And I’m fairly certain Paul Silas is going to have to buy Michael Jordan a 4 million dollar ring to try and smooth things over.   Unfortunately, things wont get any easier tonight as the Bobcats face the aforementioned Kobe Bryant and his streaking Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are heavy favorites in the comfy confines of The Staples Center and riding a 5 game win streak but as everyone knows, when they play the Bobcats, you throw out all the records.  The Bobcats seem to own the Lakers over the last several years, and I know its been beaten to death by NBA bloggers, but I think it should again be a big story line going into tonight.   The Bobcats lead the all time series 8-5 and have only lost 2 of the last 10 match-ups.  That’s actually pretty staggering considering the Lakers have more NBA Championships (2) than the Bobcats have playoff appearances (1)  in that same span.   But the bigger part of this story is that the one constant over this 8-5 dominance for the Bobcats has been Gerald Wallace.   It will be interesting (to me at least) how this game plays out without Wallace in the lineup.  Because it seems, without any statistical evidence to back me up, that Gerald Wallace always played well versus the Lake Show.  In case you live under a rock or were still in denial, the Bobcats traded Gerald at the deadline.

Now that duty to rise up in the lights of LA falls on the young shoulders of Gerald Henderson who had perhaps his worst game of his career Wednesday night in Denver.   Henderson along with the rest of the team struggled to cover the quick guards of Denver and failed to match the Nuggets intensity in the thin mile high atmosphere.  Those things shouldn’t be an issue tonight in L.A. as the Lakers are anything but quick or young and the thick smog they call an atmosphere should help even out the Denver hangover.  Henderson has done well when asked to cover some of the NBA elite and I look for it to continue tonight.   The Bobcats desperately need to get the new guys acclimated to the team if they want to pull a win tonight.  Joel Pryzbilla and DJ White looked a little bit out of the loop last night in their limited time on the floor and the general team chemistry seems off right now.  That is to be expected I suppose and we may just have to limp home from this mini road trip to re-group for a final run at the playoffs.

I will never count the Bobcats out against the Lakers, but this game is gonna be hard to pick.  The only thing we know for sure about tonight is that Ari Gold will not be in attendance and that no one should throw a beer on Ron Artest.

Bold Prediction –  Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson being in the same building proves never before seen levels of crazy and rips a hole in the fabric of space/time.

Nic’s Pick’s –   Bobcats +12 –  Over 190.5

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