Gameday Preview: Bobcats at Trailblazers

This picture probably ended in a charge

So you’re pissed of about the Gerald Wallace trade are you.   You can’t help but think, “man, we traded our best player for scraps and picks”… “Jordan is just trying to save money”.   Am I right?  Do me a favor, glance over to the probable starters for Portland, now back at me, now back at the starters list.   Do you see Gerald Wallace?   No, no you don’t.   Does this mean anything?   Probably not.  It could be that he’s just not acclimated to the team yet and would do more harm than good starting in place of Batum.  Could be the team feels he needs to earn his place, and will be there soon enough.    But… it could be that we as a fan base over-valued Gerald Wallace.  But I am not opening that can of worms just yet, I’ll save that for another post.   Just keep it in mind as you watch this game, cause it’s possible we just got 2 first round draft picks and some expiring contracts for a 6th man.

On to Portland!  Last game of the mini-west coast trip and then its back  to the Queen City for a week of killer games including the Blake Show, the Derrick Rose led Bulls and the return trip for Gerald Wallace.   The Bobcats have to be tired for this one… jet lag, time change, late game in LA and odds are its raining in Portland – perfect recipe for a nap.   I really shouldn’t be giving pre-excuses, but you couldn’t blame the Cats if they come out a little sluggish tonight.  I fully expect a big game from Gerald Wallace for Portland (still feels weird saying that) tonight for many many reasons.  I don’t think there is any bad blood between the front office and Gerald as its all business, but in any good athlete there is always that inner voice begging you to prove doubters wrong.  Even if the doubters in this case were simply trying to look to the future and make the best business decision possible.   There’s also what I call the “trade traitor effect” going on here as well.  This is probably a much bigger deal in football, but anytime you trade a player, you trade your game plan as well.  Gerald knows what we do, he’s been a leader here since our inception, and you gotta know he’s gonna give the Portland coaching staff any and all information he can give to help beat Charlotte.   My point is, I am not gonna flip out and start calling for Paul Silas or Jordan’s head if we lose this one.  It was bound to be a tough stretch anyway, trade away your keystone and tough becomes near impossible.  In the words of the Avett Brothers… Carolina, one day I, some day I’ll come home.    Avett Brothers – Salina – filmed in Portland no less.

Bold Prediction: Gerald Wallace comes off the bench for 32 points against his old ball club.  (its bold because it involves Gerald scoring points)

Nic’s Picks:   Trailblazers – 9  Under 186 (yikes)

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