Enter to Win FREE Pacer tickets! Wed 3/23

Argh... Gimme that 8th spot.

Coming up on Wednesday is probably the biggest game of this year for the Charlotte Bobcats.   The Indiana Pacers and the Bobcats have been jockeying all season long for the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.   After getting completely hosed in the last meeting in Indiana, this game should be hotly contested and a fun one to watch.  The Bobcats desperately need a win here if they plan on making the playoffs and they need the fans help.  That’s where you come in.  Here is your chance to be there, live and in person and best of all… FREE!

The rules are simple.  

- 1. Follow @MustachioGato (that’s me!) and @robertogato on Twitter

- 2. Leave a comment below explaining why you should get the tickets.  Best answer, as determined by the Roberto Gato staff, wins 4 free tickets to the Pacers game.  Bonus points if you can make us laugh.

All entries must be in by Monday 3/21/11 at 9 PM.  Winner will be announced via robertogato.com and Twitter at 10 PM.   You will be notified of your winnings by Twitter – so if you wanna win, you gotta follow.   You must claim your tickets by 11 AM  on Tuesday.

Ready, Set…. Go.

  • Andrew Barraclough

    But Nic! Can I win?

  • Bradley Garton

    I have been a Bobcats since day 1 and will always be, no matter what changes occur with the team. If I win I will bring along a group of dedicated fans to cheer us on and support the playoff push . I want the Playoffs to come though Charlotte again!

  • Mindy Bost

    I want tickets!!!! Are you going to be there??? Its been so long since Ive seen you!! I would like to see the Bobcats win so they can get closer to the Pacers for the playoff spot too..And of course Tyler Hansbrough too

  • Shannon

    I would LOVE to win these tickets!! My husband is a huge NBA fan & we have been to several Bobcats game this season. If I win, this would save me from buying tickets, which I was going to anyways. Our 19 month old son will be sporting his Gerald Wallace jersey!! Please pick me because I will be cheering the Bobcats on, dancing, screaming, cheering, the whole game & you picking me, will save me time, & money from having to buy tickets!!! Por favor Roberto Gato & Mustachio, Pick me!!! Quiero your tickets!!

  • Shannon

    I’ll be watching twitter for the winner!