Dwight Howard wants to play in Charlotte?

Out with the old, in with the new?

According to Rick Bonnell (I know, I know) that is exactly the case.  Read his story on some surprising comments from the leagues best big man during last nights disappointing loss.

Howard Craves to be a Bobcat

Whenever the idea of a superstar coming to Charlotte comes up, the reaction from just about everyone borderlines on mild disbelief to totally incredulous.    This drives me absolutely nuts.  This team/city/fanbase is self-loathing unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  We have a beautiful city with generally great weather, a ridiculously nice arena, THE superstar owner and the flexibility to get a deal like this done.  Yet whenever the subject is broached not a single soul is willing to accept it as a real possibility.   So I’m sure my optimism on this subject will be met with ridicule, but I absolutely see this as a legitimate situation.

I am that guy.  The guy that believes that Michael Jordan still can’t stand losing.  Whenever Gerald Wallace was traded, I just felt like something big was coming down the road because MJ couldn’t sit on that sideline and watch himself lose games and miss playoffs.   The Bobcats clearly showed interest in Carmelo Anthony from the time he first became available to the day he was traded to New York.   Maybe the team was never an option for Melo, but he was on the teams radar regardless.   When Anthony signed with the Knicks, I think Jordan moved onto the next best thing… that being the free agents of 2011-2012.

Now I know what you are saying… but Nic, every GM is going to be looking to add Chris Paul and Howard to their teams.  That is absolutely true… but how many have the ability to get the deal done?  When Charlotte traded Gerald, the team was clearly starting over.   Clearing cap space, acquiring draft picks and not signing any more ridiculous contracts the past year has  finagled the Bobcats into a real buyers situation.   Not many teams have the combination of draft picks, cap space, youth and the piece de resitance …. Michael Jeffrey Jordan.   This is total speculation and I have absolutely nothing besides a sideline comment to back me up here, but I believe the Bobcats are in a position to be great.   Granted I grew up in the early 80’s and was inundated with “Jordan is the greatest” commercials since i was 4, but I still believe he is.  I have to believe that, because if I believe we will be worthless for next 5 years… im not sure I will make it out alive.

Discuss below.  Tell me how crazy I am.

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