The Charlotte Bobcats: Top to Bottom

This has changed a bit...

We gotta talk players folks.  Hell we gotta talk the entire organization.  These are things fans must discuss out and in public and make decisions based on emotion and broad strokes impressions.  I’m talking Andy Bernard style criticism.  “That Player…is bad.”

Every site does them, especially in the off season, you might be thinking “But Andrew…how are yours going to be any different and/or special?  I mean other than of course your deep sense of wit, color and flare you normally bring to every post.”  Gee thanks, imaginary reader but no, what I’ve decided we do here at is to go through each member of the franchise from Tallest to Shortest.  I thought of the old quote from Caddyshack: Judge Smails:  “If you don’t keep score then how do you measure yourself with other golfers?”  Ty:  “By height.”

Since basically everyone has played basketball, owner Michael Jordan, coach Paul Silas, all the players, they have officially listed heights.  Although, if DJ Augustin is 6′, I’m 6’5″ but hey, we can’t change the system.  So we’ll run them down like that rather than the old standards of alphabetical or by “importance” or just random based on who you want to write about that day.

Also, I think we should give out grades but not the old A,B,C,D,F system.  By the way, why did they skip “E” in that sequence?  Is “F” for “Fail?”  What’d be wrong with 6 grades?  You already add the plus or minus, why not “E” and come on, you’re educators, we don’t get to skip letters when we’re learning our alphabet.  Anyway, I think we should make it more basketball centric.  More “real world” than grades.  Let’s go by number of years and dollars as if you were handing out contracts as if every guy is an unrestricted free agent.

I think we need more than just my point of view on any of these guys, so we’ll bring in Nic on this and hopefully a few thoughts from all different folks from BobcatsPlanet, other blogs, maybe national media types, who knows, I’ll ask anybody anything.  Here’s the run down, in order by height of ever member of the Charlotte Bobcats from 2010-2011 that deserves to be discussed.

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