Doc Rivers Signs a 5 Year Extension

“Ohhh, my kid is headed to Duke and I want to watch him play….”  “Yeah, the ‘Big 3′ might not last forever, I might not either…”  You sandbaggin so and so.  (Personal rule to not curse above the jump) Doc Rivers aparantly wants to keep it rolling up in Boston. I really don’t like Boston.  (Regular readers, we hear your collective sigh, this is not a witch hunt)

Doc, with 5 years in Boston is one of the longest tenured coaches.  He’s one of 3 active coaches that has won a championship.  He’s one of only 8 that have made the finals, of those currently active.  The theory was that he was thinking hard about moving on to retirement or at least taking a couple of years off.  His son is the hot recruit/biggest name that’ll be a freshman in the college game next year.  The theory bandied about was he wanted to be there for that, sort of a big deal and he’s missed the kid’s 4 years of high school as he grew up in an Orlando suburb and Doc coached up in Boston.  Good thing Duke is on national tv a lot.

So he lost to Miami to be bounced from the playoffs on Wednesday, a year removed from losing in the finals to Los Angeles, with Kevin Garnett facing free agency once the CBA is resolved, no center to speak of, and then Saturday after all those “Hmm, I’m not sure what the future holds,” vibes around him all year?  Must be nice.  $7 million a year plus bonuses?  Yep.  j

Oh and don’t forget, his former head assistant, Tom Thibideau, in his first ever head coaching gig, won the regular season, won coach of the year honors, and he’s still playing.  Sharp move up there in Bean Town.  Better keep Lawrence Frank as well, before he gets grabbed up by somebody and you and Doc look really funny.

I don’t get big extensions like this one, this far out ahead of uncertain times.  Think about Ray Allen in his old age, Paul Pierce getting older, KG facing free agency and age, Kendrick Perkins was traded for “somebody we really wanted all along” in Jeff Green.  I don’t see it, for either side really.  Doc will have rebuilding in the next few years, at least 2 years or 3 down the road.

Then again, maybe they’re trying to make it a Jerry Sloan-type situation where he’s there for a long time and really respected?  Maybe?  I mean I can get behind another Gregg Popovich in the league.  He’s not as smug as Phil Jackson, who is saying he’s retiring.  We’ll see how it works out.  Hope he got a big buyout clause.  Then again, if it doesn’t work, Boston sucks again.  YAY!

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