Bobcats Hire Rich Cho, New General Manager

GM is a big, big deal in any sport.  Rich Cho is like the Derrick Rose of GM’s at this point.  Dude has skills and he’s on the way up.  Why he got fired in Portland is beyond me, it’s a mystery to our buddy Sean Highkin over at RipCityProject.  (Click that link, no seriously, click that damn link) All I’m trying to tell you is that the Bobcats have made a huge move that will, WILL impact the future of this franchise in a positive way.

I’ll explain it to the uninitiated like I explained it to my dad:  “The Bobcats hired a new GM.”  “General Motors?”  (you see what I’m dealing with already) “No, general manager, he’s the one who makes all the trades and drafts and all the decisions.”  “Ohhh, yeah.  Is he a good guy?”  “I think so, don’t know a whole lot about him but he was in Portland and did a good job there, just got fired, I think that guy from Microsoft is kind of a dick.  He is into all those advanced stats and metrics and whatnot.”  “Metrics huh?  You know most of the world is on the metric system, everywhere but basically the United States, Canada and England of course, we invented the standard system of course you know…” and he trails off into some enlightening but not basketball related discussion on systems of measurement.

Rich Cho is one of those dudes that everyone sort of gets excited about.  He’s the new breed of GM, far removed from old, white guys in a smoke filled room pushing deals based on gut feelings or even video.  He’s an advanced stats and metrics guy.  One Eastern Conference Executive told me:  “Are you familiar with Billy Beane and the Moneyball concept?  Rich is the basketball version.  VERY analytical.  Wants to, and largely does, quantify everything.  Helped build OKC into what it is today.  Extremely sharp.  He’s not a traditional basketball guy.  He doesn’t come to the job with preconceived notions about what makes a player good, or what kind of player will fit a certain system.  He uses numbers and empirical data, which the Bobcats, to my knowledge have never taken that approach before.”

This is a major major deal if he’s excited.  I’m pumped.  Look for more here on this hire as we continue to sift through the Bobcats News.

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