A Bobcats Fan's Draft Day Conversation

This should read like a play, like a script between two brilliant minds, however, it’s between myself and staff writer Nic Watson, so it sounds like two sarcastic jackasses.  The Names haven’t been changed:

(Andrew Posts Adrian Wojnarowski’s article, chronicling a deal that might be in the works between the Bobcats and Cavaliers)

Nic:  in the words of norm macdonald.  What… What?

Andrew: It’s what the h 
Nic:  haha, ok, explain it to me like im stupid.  just pretend 
Andrew: the nba draft is tonight, like the one where teams get to pick players from college or whatever that have never played in the nba before, in order to be allowed to pay them millions of dollars, and they might play in some games 
so each team gets their pick or picks, in the bobcats case, there are 3 
Nic:  Shut up.  i have a migraine 
Andrew: some teams want players and they are concerned that they might get picked by other teams before it’s their turn
so cleveland wants jonas valuncinas
or whatever his name is  (Jonas Valanciunas) 
Nic:  yeah i just finished reading it even though it hurt my eyes douchebag 
Andrew:  the idea is we send #9 and #19 to cleveland for #4, thats what woj should have said 
Nic:  we really want tristan thompson? 
Andrew:  at 4?
does tristan thompson = 9 + 19
i dont know
so to be uncomplicated, the cavs should just take jonas at 4
like this guy at draft express says
nothing wrong with reaching for a guy
i dont think so anyway, unless that guy is one alexis ajinca 
Andrew: now i dont know how to feel about singleton going to us at #9 
Nic:  if you want a guy… you do it
thats the best way to draft 
Andrew:  this guy has us taking singleton and then alec burks
Nic:  jujuan johnson at 39 would be nice 
Andrew:  definitely, he said not knowing who the hell that is 
Nic: purdue pf 
Andrew: they still got the combover coaching there? 
Nic:  ?
i just saw his youtube highlight reel and pretend i know hes good 
Nic:  seth davis loves him.  says its stupid he makes it into the second round 
Andrew:  who is seth davis? 
Nic:  sports illustrated
jujaun (my personal favorite spelling of the name juwan) is 6’10
JaJuan Johnson, 6-10 senior forward, Purdue. I don’t know why people don’t have him higher on their list. He reminds me of Harvey Grant. He needs to get stronger and put on weight for sure. I liked him last year, and then he went back to school and added about 10 pounds to his frame. He’s long, athletic, he can run, he can shoot the basketball to 16, 18 feet. I mean, what don’t you like about him? If you make him into a small forward then you’re not paying attention to what the kid is. The body might scare you, he’s light in the pants, but I’ve never seen him be soft. I have seen him score a ton of points. 

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/seth_davis/06/22/draft.prospects/index.html#ixzz1Q836kqpQ

Andrew: i’d rather have horace grant 
or harvey gant or harry gant 
Nic:  I mean hes a big, and he can score.  we need both.  drafting that in the second is awesome 
Andrew:  ok 
Nic:  would you be pissed with jimmer at 9? 
Andrew:  nah
i mean yeah
but no 
Nic:  yeah i wouldn’t probably
one day someone is gonna strike it rich with the great white hope.   we’ve already whiffed on one, our odds are better now 
Nic:  you’re gonna have to keep me updated tonight.  i’ll be on twitter, but no computer
i mean you dont have to
i was hoping you would 
Nic:  2 lottery picks? 
Andrew:  where you seeing that? 
Nic:  trade with the bucks
corey maggette?  ugh 
Andrew:  ugh
ugh indeed 
Andrew: diaw for magette? 
Nic:  even worse
so pissed if that was the case
Andrew:  Bonnell says it and suddenly it’s all over the internet.  Damn it I love draft day!

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