Bobcats Involved in ThreeWay Draft Day Trade

The reports are:  Source: Bucks get Udrih, S-Jax, and 19th. Charlotte gets 7th and Maggette. Kings get 10th and Salmons.  That’s from Ken Berger of

Same from Chad Ford at  Corrected deal: Bucks get Beno, Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston & 19. Bobcats get pick 7 & Maggette. Kings get 10 & John Salmons.

Everyone is kind of freaking out.  This is the first trade of draft day and it’s a big one.  The Bobcats have traded away Stephen Jackson, who was the co-captain last year until Gerald Wallace was traded, then he was the sole captain.  Corey Maggette has under performed throughout his career, after leaving Duke just a freshman, he’s a leaper a dunker, a scorer and he’s getting older.  If I weren’t invested in Jack, I might just say those two are a wash.

The Big deal is turning Shaun Livingston and #19 into #7 in tonight’s draft.  Shaun Livingston played well for the Bobcats but that knee always has to haunt you.  He’s big, sure, he’s one of the longest PG’s in the league, but he couldn’t supplant DJ Augustin as the starter, he was always going to be a back-up and I feel like, especially looking at this draft, that you can find someone that will supplant DJ as well as someone that could back him up on a rookie-scale contract, if those even exist after the new CBA is reached.

Some people are saying this is a great move, some are scratching their heads.  All I know for sure is the Bobcats now have #7 and #9 and a replacement for Stephen Jackson that will work out just fine going forward.  I like the new phrase that came out of some of the bloggers I admire:  Chowned or Choed.  Rich Cho and Rod Higgins will be a force as a front office and things will work out well for this team going forward.  I think if you’re going to rebuild, rebuild from the ground up.  No use holding on to Stephen Jackson and his antics and whatever else goes on with him, and hoping the tape and wires and whatever holds Shaun Livingston’s knee together holds up through the end of his contract.  Pick some players in this draft at #7 and #9 and build for the future.

This is exciting, check my twitter feed @therobertogato and keep up with for more info.

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