First Trip to the Greater NC Pro Am

I took a trip down from my home north of Raleigh to Durham tonight to see the SJG Greater NC Pro Am.  This summer league is host to tons of big time NC Area talent.  Basically the entire Duke roster, a lot of guys from Carolina and several guys currently playing for NC State are involved.  Current NBA Players like Josh Powell, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Chris Wilcox and former Charlotte Bobcat Raymond Felton all play and David West is listed on a roster although he’s injured.  It’s basically any big name player that finds himself (or herself, they have a female division as well) within driving distance of North Carolina Central University.

Tonight, I was surprised to see former All-Star Rasheed Wallace in a uniform for “Sheraton Imperial.”  Sheed has still got it, kinda.  He didn’t run the floor, I think it was more a skipping/gallop manuever but he hit some threes, played solid defense and was the only guy that Sheraton had to match up with the Atlanta Hawks’ PF/C Josh Powell.  It was absolutely killing me how Sheed was calling out defensive assignments, well, he was hollering “Aye, Aye, Aye!” and pointing to a guy he wasn’t going to step out and cover.  He was even giving the referees absolute hell.

That game, with Sheed and Andre Dawkins took on Powell and Seth Curry of Next Level Custom, was the best of the night for pure entertainment.  I think the final score was 102-97 or something ridiculous for a 40 minute game where they rarely stop the clock.  Seth Curry was pretty solid, of course with outside shooting but also with his ability to get to the basket.

I was struck by the Plumlee guys.  I think it was just two of them tonight, but they all three play in the league.  Those dudes are tall and athletic lookin.

I might go back tomorrow night, I mean it’s free, it’s basketball, it’s a pretty high level of play and it’s like 30 minutes from my front door.  That, plus Seth Curry gave away his shoes to a couple kids who looked to be NC State fans.  I might even take notes like the little old lady in front of me.

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