Stephen Jackson Slams Larry Brown

Neither are still with the Charlotte Bobcats but with the lockout on, no one is really “with” the Bobcats on the basketball side, and with layoffs, even fewer people are “with” the Bobcats on the business side as well.  A slight digression but, Stephen Jackson in a quote to the New Orleans Times-Picayune said “We all know Larry wasn’t the best coach because he wasn’t the best coach for all of us.’’

Damning words about a hall of fame coach.  Jackson is known for saying whatever is on his mind, holding very little back.  Or maybe he holds a lot back and the stuff that comes out is only a fraction of what goes on in his seemingly wild mind.  The article is a profile on D.J. Augustin.  The main thrust from writer John Reid is to profile the New Orleans native’s time in the NBA.  But obviously, the huge, big takeaway from the story is that quote from Stephen Jackson.

Maybe I’m making more of it than I should.  That’s what happens when you’re in a lockout and neither side is working towards any resolution and the NFL is going headlong into a season and you feel that pang of jealousy.  But I don’t recall a more direct, honest interpretation, as it relates to point guards especially, than that quote from Stephen Jackson.

“I was there for the whole Larry Brown situation; it was more stuff written in the paper than what was talked about in the locker room. D.J. went out and did his job.

“We all know Larry wasn’t the best coach because he wasn’t the best coach for all of us.’’

Jack is teammate first, we all know that who follow him.  You could so tell, I mean glaringly,it was obvious that Larry Brown stiffled a guy who he brought in for specific reasons.  It’s a shame, because we could be 3 years in on “DJ Augustin, slasher, outside-shooter.  15 ppg and 7.5 apg and only getting better thank you very much.”  Jack just put an exclamation point on it for us.


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