What Bobcats Player Would you Want Back?

There have been quite a few players through Charlotte over the past 7 seasons.  71 to be exact.  Well, that is, 71 to have taken the court during regular season play.  There are only 6 that have been in Charlotte for more than 3 seasons.  There has to be at least one or two that you wish hadn’t gotten away.

Perhaps, you would just hope that a guy who didn’t work out would have had some staying power.  There have been a fair share of draft picks that didn’t pan out, some of them high, some of them low, but that had promise.  Some guys you just think of as a personal favorite that your friends don’t really understand your being a fan of, but they’re somebody you had high hopes for.

I think we should finally take on a list here at RobertoGato.com.  How about “The Top 10 Players Who Got Away.”

Submit your ideas either via Twitter, @therobertogato, on the site’s Facebook wall, or as a comment below:  We’ll get going with this later on this week.  Don’t make me come up with the list myself, I will put Linton Johnson at #1, believe me, I’ll do it.

Andrew Barraclough is Senior Editor for RobertoGato.com, a Charlotte Bobcats Blog on theFansided Network.  Follow him on Twitter @therobertogato and Like the site on Facebook.

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