First Missed Game: Bobcats at Orlando

Yeah, it's 2 years old and Flip Murray is in the pic but any excuse to show the NASCAR uniforms is well worth it.

I came in, slung my laptop bag down on the couch and my phone bleeps at me:  “Charlotte at Orlando, 7:00PM.”  Son of a….

After a crap work day, being smacked in the face with the fact that I would not be seeing a Charlotte Bobcats opening night game in Orlando was the doo-doo cherry on top of my poopie sundae.

I knew it was coming. I mean we all knew that there would be missed games and it’s the feeling of sitting prepared as soon as they lift the lockout that made me forget that otherwise, I’d be tuned to whatever damn channel TWC lets me watch the game on tonight.  At this point, the roster isn’t even set.  I’m not sure Corey Maggette has met Coach Silas as an official member of the Bobcats.  I’m not so sure that brand new assistant Rob Werdann has met with any of the players at all.  We don’t even know if Charles Oakley is still on the payroll of the franchise.  I don’t even know if we’d have a center to start, maybe even play, depending on how Diop has dealt with his rehab from a ruptured Achilles.

As I type, the game would be getting on towards halftime.  Instead, ESPN has an extended SportsCenter followed by a college football game between Temple and Ohio.  TNT is showing back to back episodes of something called “The Mentalist.” We have “Transylvania at Kentucky” on my local Fox Sports Network.

I just have to share this, because it was striking to me.  My phone didn’t know those games were cancelled.  It blindly had the games loaded by some Google App or something.  It’s like if your great aunt died and you went to the funeral and all that and you knew she was gone, but it didn’t set in and really effect you until Thanksgiving came around and she wasn’t there.  I know, no games until at least December 1.  I get it David Stern.  But until today, I didn’t really miss it.  It didn’t set in.

I don’t want to beat this dead horse, but this sucks.  It sucks incredibly badly.

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