Agent Not Going to Let Players Sign With Bobcats?

Yeah I don't know what they expect either Mike

Are you serious?  Seriously serious?  Some agent is telling reporters, David Aldridge specifically, that he is so burned by Michael Jordan’s role in the lockout that he would never allow one of his clients to sign with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Could you imagine, for a second, just humor me, if Gerald Henderson develops into an All-Star, Bismack Biyombo turns out to be the second coming of Ben Wallace and then some, Kemba Walker is some hybrid of Chris Paul and Derrick Rose.  The Bobcats suddenly become legit and with those 3 on rookie deals, they’ve got cap space.  Do you think that an agent will really refuse a free agent who sees an opportunity and he’s gonna get paid from coming to the Bobcats?

I don’t know which agent and I doubt we’ll ever know.  I don’t know if he’s just pissed about it and lashing out the only way he can and it might not even matter.  Irrational things like this just sort of spring out of the lockout.

All I know is, no matter what agent blasts MJ and threatens like this, no matter how many Klay Thompsons or whoever claim they won’t wear Jordan Brand gear, Jordan will come out on top.  Right, wrong or indifferent, MJ will continue to succeed.  It may not come out in wins for the Bobcats, sadly, but he will still make money.

I was doing some work, for my other job, in a “hip-hop” (that’s what the tagline on their bags said anyway) clothing store recently.  This is the kind of place that has nice stuff but they don’t sell a whole lot.  In sort of a shady shopping center, they probably make 6 actual sales a day.  While I was there, 4 of those 6 sales that I saw included Air Jordans.  I am not exaggerating.  I was amazed.  They had maybe 20 styles of shoes, but the back room where they keep all the shoes was mostly Jordans.

No one will remember this until the next time there’s a CBA.  It’s just like Mike’s comment to Abe Pollin during the last lockout.  No one really gave it a thought since it originally came out until now.

It won’t matter how the deal looks which sucks for everyone involved because once the deal is in place, it’s in place.  The only thing that matters is that there isn’t a deal right now and that means the league is losing fans.

The deal is sort of like when you come up with a game, like when you’re a kid.  You make up the rules, you argue the rules and your little sister says something like “yeah but I can’t reach that high!” and you say, “Who cares, that’s the rules.”  She says “Well I’m not playing!”  And it keeps going like that until you finally just settle and get the game going.  You forget the issues of making the rules and just try to find a way to maximize the way you play within the rules for your own advantage.  Then one or the other stops and says “Well, we have to change the rules!  This is ridiculous!  I can’t get a point!”  And then you fight over changing the rules.  Finally, Mom calls you for dinner and it’s meatloaf night and she just got a new bottle of ketchup from the store and you can probably get some into your mashed potatoes when she’s not looking, plus it’s lima beans for the vegetable, so you forget all about whatever game all together.

That is one epic analogy.  Feel free to use it.  Agents fit into it as the creepy uncle who is betting on your little sister to win.  I don’t know, that might have been too far, trying to shoehorn a bit much into it there.

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