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Owners should be like officials or referees.  They’re doing their best when you don’t talk about them.  If the owner is a non-issue, in most cases, they’re great owners.  That’s my theory anyway.  One major hiccup to my theory however, happens to be Mark Cuban.  While Cuban made a point by allowing the founder of the Mavs to hoist the Championship Trophy at the end of the Finals, he’s far from out of the spotlight.  He’s the same guy, who didn’t want to be the first person involved in the Mavericks to touch the trophy, that took pictures holding the trophy while at a urinal and had it strapped in beside him while he smoked a fat stogie on the plane back.  I guess, if you feel like you are the guy who accomplished something like that you’re entitled.  He is the one anomaly in this thought process.

I’m having such bold thoughts at the moment because when you do a google news search on the Charlotte Bobcats you find story after story about Michael Jeffery Jordan.  As the world’s most famous (former) athlete, he somehow wedged owning my favorite NBA team into his packed plate.  It used to be, “Michael Jordan launched his 25th variation of his ‘Air Jordan’ line of shoes.  Jordan also owns the Charlotte Bobcats.”  Now, it’s a bit different:  “Michael Jordan, evil, greedy owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (a franchise with a losing record) has sold out and stabbed all basketball players, black people and anyone who liked him in his playing days directly in the back.”

One report, one little teenie tiny report in the New York Times, out of the millions of things written and reported about the greatest player of all time, has changed the entire tone of how he is covered.  Howard Beck reported that there was a group of 10 to 14 (which might really be 9) owners that were deeply entrenched against any proposal offering the players more than 50% of Basketball Related Income.  The narrative has devolved from there.

The issue I have with it, is it’s all bad news.  This “stance” thing is just ridiculous.  People are still mad about that, which I didn’t even know was a thing until I did that google news search.  The other thing I didn’t really know about was the report out of the New York Daily News that there are shares of the Bobcats up for sale.

The report cites that wonderful journalistic aparatus, unnamed sources, who claim that parts of the team, up to 50% are up for sale.  Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal has a wonderful reply and further analysis, calling the report “far-fetched.”

I don’t know, maybe some new blood…I mean money in the franchise could help things.  I would never turn down investors, as long as they were just that, shareholder investors.  People with a stake in the team, but no real say in day to day operations would be a welcome addition but I’m with Spanberg, Jordan wouldn’t cede power to anyone.

Just some bizarre goings on with the Owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, who just happens to be Michael Jordan.

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