Blow It All Up! NBA Lockout Becomes Nuclear

Yeah Mike, Bugs, I know Andrew wanted a pic of me in Caddyshack with the Detonator, but this pic will have to do!

Nuclear Winter is what NBA Commissioner David Stern called what we are heading for in the NBA.  If you read the ticker while you’re watching SportsCenter, you’ll see all kinds of horrible terms for what’s going on right now in the world of professional basketball in America.  Now, I’m pretty sure, players who didn’t take that overseas option as many did months ago are wishing they did.  I’m glad for guys like Garrett Temple, the entire Denver Nuggets and Deron Williams.  They’re getting paid and playing basketball.  Hmm, such a simple concept, wonder how we could make it happen in the United States once again?

It is nuclear winter in the world of the NBA.  There won’t be any games for a long, long time.  The players’ only move now is to file for decertification, or some other form of dissolving the union and take the NBA to court in what equates to a wrongful termination suit.

They finally have made the actual action of walking away from everything, fans, the owners, bargaining, offers, the negotiating table, and they’re walking into the wide open arms of Jeffery Kessler and the “hawkish” (to steal a name given to Michael Jordan last week) agents who wanted this all along.

I’m worse than sickened.  I’m pissed.  There is no real reason, other than money, to not give the fans an NBA season.  There is more money than there has ever been flowing into the NBA and between the owners mis-managing themselves into losses and the players actively working the system in their favor, they ruined it all.

I would complain more, but I don’t know how or why this thing really fell apart.  It’s so frustrating, it’s so horrible and stupid.  Law suits, at this point?  Serious?

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