Kemba Denies Nightclub Shootout Incident

It was reported earlier this morning that several NFL players, alongside some young NBA Stars including Charlotte Bobcats rookie Kemba Walker, were present at New York night club where a man was fatally shot.  None of the athletes mentioned were involved, or hurt in the shooting.  Obviously several key members of NBA teams are meeting in New York for the ongoing NBA lockout negotiations/stalemate/pissing contest.

Original Story here.

As it turns out,  the original story may have had some inaccuracies (as seemingly all breaking stories these days).  Kemba Walker took to Twitter this morning to quickly refute his presence at the club.

I was not at the club when it was shot up. I don’t even stay in NY anymore! It’s just a rumor that I was there!
So for now, straight from the man himself… crisis averted.  And thats a good thing, the last thing the NBA and specifically the Charlotte Bobcats need is a shooting/violence story on top of all the bad publicity provided by the lockout battle.

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