Blazers at the Bobcats

What are we missing tonight? The return of our dear old pal Gerald Wallace. Sad. Isn’t it?

I miss Gerald. I miss NBA basketball. Salt + wound = tonight.

I checked my phone and the damn calendar still doesn’t know there’s a lockout on.  Tonight would have been the second time Gerald Wallace played against the Bobcats in Charlotte.  Tonight would have been a big deal at the arena.  Last time, Gerald wasn’t starting, he would have likely been announced as a starter for the visiting Portland Trailblazers.

I miss basketball.  Terribly.  Tonight was the first time I saw a game and said “Damn it!  I want to be in the building and see it happening.”  But we won’t see any games for a while, possibly a long while.  I almost can’t believe that’s where we’re at.  Thanksgiving and there is no basketball.  There won’t be any until at least mid-December but that looks incredibly unlikely.

Gerald Wallace is still, don’t tell any of the current Bobcats, but he’s still my favorite player.  I hate that he was traded but I see the value in the deal, even now.  Especially now, that the guys who made the deal happen are on the same side of it.  Picks, Dante Cunningham and cap space.  Better than Gerald Wallace?  Yeah, maybe even on nights like tonight.

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