Melvin Ely, A Bobcat Once Again

Melvin, Listen, We got new uniforms

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Melvin Ely has been signed by the Charlotte Bobcats to a one year contract.  A bombshell, it is not.  Likely won’t even make the ticker on ESPN.  The plan I guess is to supplement the size quotient on the roster, somehow.  Rick Bonnell is reporting, via twitter no less, that Paul Silas has said “We need someone else, and he’s about the only (big) man out there.”

Yikes.  Melvin Ely had his best year as a pro, by far, if you can remember, which I couldn’t, back in the 2005-2006 season.  Underwhelmed, to say the least.  9.8 points per game, 2.5 points better than any other year, but he saw time in only 57 games.  30 games and 2.3 points per last year, 31 and 3.1 the year before, he’s on the way down.  But, alas, he is 6’10” 260 lbs and a lottery draft pick, back in 2002.

Not what everyone was hoping for, but to fill out your roster on the cheap with a guy who has been to the city before and had some success, you can’t complain much with the Charlotte Bobcats signing Melvin Ely.  I think he’ll be good enough off the bench, maybe starting when there is someone that Boris Diaw won’t be able to keep up with, it will pay off whatever he’s being paid, which can’t be much.

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