Reggie Williams, Bobcats Latest Signing

Reggie Williams is now a member of the Charlotte Bobcats, so reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.  Two years and $5 million for the shooting guard, most recently of the Golden State Warriors, is a nice price, especially for a restricted free agent.  Golden State, in their breathless pursuit of a free agent center, renounced rights to the swingman, just before losing out on Deandre Jordan, which we documented, precipitated signing Kwame Brown for way more than he is worth.

I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about Williams at the moment.  I just keep hearing he’s a long-range shooter, who was top-10 in the league last season in percentage beyond the three point line.  Scoring at a high rate in college, nearly 30 points per game while at Virginia Military Institute, got him drafted, what’s that?  He’s undrafted….

Well, he got picked up in Golden State the year before last and signed two ten-day-contracts before being signed for the remainder of the season.  You want to talk value?  Reggie Williams, it looks like from his page, came in, off the street, played a bit, 24 total games of which he started 10 and put up 15.2 points per outing, as a rookie, free agent.  WOW.

Last season, the young fella played in all but 2 games for the Warriors, scoring 9.2 points per game.  This is astounding to me.  $2.5 million per year, when Matt Carroll is making $5 mil, $4 mil and now $3.5 mil per year for basically having the same trajectory, is amazing to me.

I think the Bobcats got a real steal here and while there were supposedly 4 other teams that were going after Williams, he chose the Bobcats.  It’s a low risk, possibly a high reward signing.  

Then again, as I’m about to get really excited about a guy, the realist, expert Jonathan Givony comes along to burst my bubble.

So, temper your excitement.  Spain and France are better than Golden State or Charlotte and way better than scoring 27 points per game in the D-League.  There are a handful of guys out there that love to rain on a parade, but no matter.  The Bobcats have another scoring threat and for $5 million over two years, umm, who really cares?

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