Atlanta Hawks at the Charlotte Bobcats, Halftime Update!

Preseason 2011, like the season, free agency period and training camp, will be abreviated.  Teams are playing a home-and-home series with their closest neighbors, for the most part throughout the league.  For the Charlotte Bobcats, that means hosting the Hawks tonight and then traveling to Atlanta on Thursday.

As for pre-season, the usual full pre-season allows for getting the regulars their time together and then also testing out some guys.  Last year it was a few random old timers trying to make it such as Javaris Crittendon, yes, later accused of murder, and Darius Miles, that of the mighty Chickadees in Van Wilder.  This year, we have the other Griffin, Blake Griffin of the Clippers’ brother Taylor and a few other guys who might get a 10-day contract if desperate times call for it.

A lot of the guys you’d like to see aren’t available.  Corey Maggette isn’t available, nor is Bismack Biyombo.  Desagana Diop is more than available.  He’s huge.  Really overweight, like the dude has the pack of hot dogs on the back of his neck thing going on.  Boris Diaw looks a little fluffy but not too bad.  He can move, pretty well, even, somehow, got out front on a fast break.

There isn’t a whole lot of good information to pass along, but after the game we’ll have a full breakdown.  Stay tuned Bobcats fans!


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