Bismack Biyombo, Likely to Miss Rookie Season

The Charlotte Bobcats drafted two of the higher profile rookies in the 2011 NBA Draft.  Kemba Walker was an early graduate, Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA tournament and as “regular” a draft pick as there is out of UConn.  Their other pick, Bismack Biyombo, is far from your usual pick.  A prospect, seemingly out of nowhere, foreign, hasn’t played “elite” talent, but has ridiculous upside and interesting physical atributes.  No one was expecting him to get up as high as he did.  He was a late add to the green room invitee list.  No one really looked into him fully, he had this European agent that kept saying “No buyout, no buyout, no problems.”

Right.  Bismack has a new agent, now.  Bismack got himself a trial in Spain.  He was going after his team for voiding their contract with him.  It was a bold idea, to turn the tables on the team that was holding him out of the NBA and away from the Charlotte Bobcats.  It was certainly better than just accepting there is a buyout of $1.4 million and paying it.  NBA teams are only allowed to pay $500,000 towards a buyout for a player under a foreign contract.  Now, we’re talking about the Charlotte Bobcats.  A team who has had one All-Star and one Playoff appearance in 7 seasons.  If it weren’t for bad luck, they’d have no luck.

I think the original buyout was 1.2 million euros, which is, or was at the time $1.4 million.  The lawsuit was an interesting proposition.  It would take place in Spain of course, with a Congolese player, by way of Yemen that was trying to leave to play in the United States for an NBA team.  If you’re the Spanish team Fuenlabrada, you’re thinking “Cha-Ching,” right?  International basketball relations are odd anyway…..

Wait, Now I’m glad I didn’t post this because…..

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