Bismack Biyombo, Signed With the Bobcats Today

So, my previous post which I had been working on since friday, sporadically, is completely useless.  Bismack Biyombo was finally able to sign with the team who drafted him #7 overall in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats.  What I thought I was writing was sort of an obituary for a season.  When the Bobcats finally step way outside their comfort zone and draft a guy who is a relative unknown, foreign team still may or may not own his rights and damn if they don’t get strung up with a buyout.  Worse still was the news Friday that his Spanish team Fuenlabrada was requiring, not only the full 1.4 million euro buyout, but they were tacking on an additional fine for missing games and some fees and whatnot bringing the total to 4 million euros or $5.2 million.

Well, over the weekend, something changed.  The news broke this morning that Bismack Biyombo was handling his buyout and would be able to sign today.  The story unraveled over the course of the morning and it turns out, Bobcats owner, Michael Jordan brought the officials from Fuenlabrada to Charlotte and they negotiated the buyout.  NBA teams used to be allowed to pay up to $500,000 of a buyout but under the new CBA, they’re allowed to pay $525,000.  They got the whole thing to a manageable $1.4 million, which as a #7 overall pick, Bismack should be able to recover the $900,000 rather quickly.

This is great news.  As I stated previously, I think it’s imperative to get Bismack the intense coaching from an NBA coaching staff and the experience of playing against the best players in the world as much and as soon as possible.  Playing another year in Spain would have stunted his growth as a legitimate big-man prospect for the NBA.

So we welcome Bismack Biyombo, officially, as a member of the Charlotte Bobcats.  Be sure to head to to see a really cool picture of him signing his contract with general manager, Rich Cho looking on.  It warms your heart and gives you a bit more to cheer for this holiday season.  Less sap, more snark, I know.  The thing is, I’m working in retail for the first time ever during the holidays and I think the Christmas songs have done something to me.

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