Bobcats Hawks Preseason At the Half

Wow.  It’s finally here.  The dramatic debut of Bismack Biyombo.  The scorers have given him credit for one block, a dramatic one where he just swallowed up an attempt by the Atlanta Hawks’ Marvin Williams.  His length and standing reach allows him to jump late and somehow it keeps him in the air a fraction of a second longer.  He has altered several shots, pulled down a rebound and, not surprisingly, drawn 3 fouls.

The Bobcats ended the half down by 3.  Corey Maggette led the team with 13 first half points.  DJ Augustin helped with 7 points and some nice plays.  Derrick Brown and Boris Diaw were the facilitators on offense, each with 3 assists.  Matt Carroll came in shooting pretty hot, making 2 threes from basically the same spot on the floor.  Good to see Carroll get some shots up and be productive.  He’s highly efficient.  Just his shooting motion is on a Prius level of efficiency.

Josh Smith and Al Horford and Joe Johnson, the guys who are either All-Stars or borderline, for the Atlanta Hawks have done well, as has their camp invitee, Ivan Johnson.  Defense has been solid throughout but shots have been intelligent and have been falling.  The shooting percentages for both teams are up from the game Monday night.

They’re trying as we speak to get both teams’ starting fives some cohesion and the Bobcats sure could use that, especially on defense.  They’ve made an attempt at zone defense but as I said on twitter, it looks like 4 guys chasing the ball, one staying at home and no one boxing out to get ready to rebound.  There is a difference between boxing out and then boxing out so you can get the rebound and the Bobcats have to learn that.  I think they will, especially with a Head Coach as prolific a rebounder in his time as Paul Silas.

Halfway through the third, better save some for the post-game and watch MY TV! instead of looking at the laptop.  More on that later.

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