PreSeason Preview: Bobcats at the Hawks

One man, Two Words:  BIYOMBO TIME!

It is ridiculous how excited I am to see what that young man can do on an NBA basketball court.  Tonight might be a total fluke, it might be a total waste but I don’t care.  Bismack Biyombo is set to make his debut tonight for the Charlotte Bobcats as they finish out the pre-season against the Atlanta Hawks.

Kemba Walker already made his debut. He finished the first pre-season game with a team high 18 points and some distinct big play ability.

Pre-season may not mean more than it does, in the history of a franchise than tonight does for the Bobcats.  I don’t want to pile on too much significance but I’m that’ freakin’ excited.  Also, I found out today, via Bobcats announcer Steve Martin that I should be able to watch this game and any other games in full HD on a Special Events channel on Time Warner Cable in the Raleigh area.  I get the games in HD on channel 1522 and if I want to slum it, 522 in standard def.  This is incredibly exciting.  First game in HD in years, and Bismack Biyombo all on the same night!

Stay hooked on @therobertogato on twitter, we’re going to try and get #BiyomboTime trending and we’ll talk about the entire game.  Also, stay linked to and we’ll have a halftime update and maybe a post-game wrap up.

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