Tyrus Thomas, Out At Least A Week

AP - Chuck Hayes There were some training staff there afterall!

Fantasy basketball is taking a bit more of a front seat for me this year.  I’m in my regular keeper league with the guys I do football with every year.  We just couldn’t talk enough junk in the NFL season.  Now, I’ve joined a fansided NBA Bloggers league.  Little do they know, I know nothing about teams outside of the Charlotte Bobcats.  So, with that set up, my title might be bad news if you were relying on Tyrus Thomas to get your season kicked off.

This morning, via Twitter, Tyrus told former teammate Garrett Temple that he’s out about a week.  

  He’s in Atlanta with the team for tonight’s pre-season finale (was there an opening and a middle already?) against the Hawks.  I like the fact that the whole team was down there yesterday.  A road trip like that helps with team cohesion.

I am a little concerned with the lockout, the late start, the extended time off and an early injury, what that could mean to Tyrus Thomas with the Bobcats this season.  Ankles are tricky, especially to inside NBA players.  A sprain messes with the ligaments and all that, while it’s not fully a soft tissue injury like a strained hamstring or something that limited Stephen Jackson late last season, it is a concern.

I was watching Mike and Mike on TV yesterday morning.  As a radio-show on tv, they try and put some other stuff on the screen to keep your visual attention as you keep up with whatever they’re talking about.  They were giving folks fantasy basketball info and Tyrus Thomas showed up over and over as an “Undervalued” player that you should target in the 11th round of your draft.  The guy will be likely starting with Boris Diaw shifted to the center position.  Realistically, when they’re both on the court at the same time, you won’t be able to tell who is in what position, especially if they play a bit of a zone defense.  So, Tyrus will likely be expected to do more than he has before, whether with the Bobcat or with the Bulls.

As far as contract obligations, Tyrus is the one guy that the Bobcats have on the books for a while and for a good bit of money.  I’m not making this sprained ankle a referendum on Tyrus Thomas and his impact, present and future on the Charlotte Bobcats.  All I’m saying is, the dude is kinda notorious for being injury prone.  It’s a concern for this season.

He landed on a dude’s foot, happens a million times across the world on courts everywhere.  It’s only a concern if it lingers, if he comes back too soon and pushes his luck.  My real concern, my deep down, “Oh yeah, that’s the issue here” moment is:  I have no faith in the Charlotte Bobcats training staff.  Tyrus didn’t have much faith, if you ask me in the way he got up, didn’t wait or expect any assistance from anyone and hop skipped and jumped back to the locker room.  It was kinda bizarre.

I don’t expect a training staff to be mystic healers like the Phoenix Suns or Dallas Mavericks staff and keep guys like Dirk, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Shaq, Grant Hill and all those aging bodies going for years past their likely expiration date.  I do hope for them to look out for players, work with them on their preparation and all that, so that soft tissue injuries don’t pop up and ruin a guy’s (maybe the team’s) season.

So, bottom line, Tyrus Thomas will miss the next week of action, at least.  That means opening night, plus the Heat and Magic games.  Who steps up into his starting role?  Likely either Derrick Brown or D.J. White.  Don’t get all excited and expect it to be Bismack Biyombo, although I do think it opens up time for he and Byron Mullens.

I said that was the bottom line and it became like 3 lines and then this…scary how I lie like that.

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