5 Games In, 1-4, The Bobcats Full Rebuilding

So, the holidays have ended.  I’ve finally got a break from family and two jobs to sit down and think about one thing:  the Charlotte Bobcats.  So, how was your Christmas anyhow?

Yeaaaaahh….it’s not that great.  I don’t know if it’s what I expected or not.  Between the win over Milwaukee and competing, winning most of the game against the Miami Heat and the referees at home, I was excited.  Hell, after that Miami game, which I still contend was stolen by the NBA in some horrible Heat-related fantasy that only David Stern and the referees that night could explain, I thought to myself “Hey, the Bobcats might surprise some people this year!”  Nope.

The next game was reality in the form of three pointers and the best big-man in the game today.  The Orlando Magic, you know?  Dwight Howard’s current team.  The Orlando Magic came to town and shot the Bobcats out of the game and Dwight swallowed up more rebounds than the Bobcats would have if they were allowed 6 players on the court to the Magic’s 5.  It was realistic, it was disappointing and it was just about what you could expect to see the rest of the year.

I’m not saying the Bobcats are bad.  Like bad in the way the Minnesota Timberwolves have been the last few years or the way Cleveland was last year or the way New Jersey was the year before.  They aren’t quite 20 game losing streak bad.  At least, I hope not.

All I’m saying is, I don’t know what I’m saying, because I don’t fully know what I’m looking at.  The Bobcats are, well, I thought they were doing better on offense, but they’re 24th in the league in points per game.  The defense is even worse, dead last in the league, allowing 105 points per game.  I looked at John Hollinger’s Player Efficiency Rating earlier today.  Other than Andrew Bynum leading the world, I was most surprised to see the first Bobcat was D.J. White at #57.  White is also first among Bobcats in Basketball-Reference.com’s win shares, but all the way down at 105.

I guess, the expectations were low; the initial returns were high, the following “reality” frighteningly low.  I will have to spend some time trying to manage my expectations, stepping back and analyzing basketball.  Wins and losses won’t really be the measuring stick this season for the Charlotte Bobcats.  I still want to see wins though.  I want to see close scores and I want the guys who the Bobcats are paying the most, to score the most, rebound the most and assist the most.  When you’re bad, all you can hang your hat on is effort.  Being “in” games is important and needs to come from hustle, if you’re bad you can only work to get better because trades, they don’t happen to change the future and present in a positive way for a team like the Bobcats, especially mid-season in a shortened season.

Just relax.  Sit back, enjoy some good play, sigh and forget the bad play and hope for the future.  “Own tomorrow….”  Right?


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