Bobcats Fall Hard in Atlanta

30 points.  That’s like being a whole Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant short.

What can you say?  Paul Silas told us, through Stephanie Ready, “We gave up.  I don’t know what to say.”

I don’t either.  Byron Mullens, everyone will take away Byron Mullens’s big night, first time starting and 21 points, but he’s 7′ and doesn’t rebound.  No one rebounded for the Bobcats tonight though.  The Hawks’ starting point guard had as many rebounds as the Bobcats’ leading rebounder (Boris Diaw).  Diaw had 0 points though.  No points, out of a starter is in excusable.

I’m done thinking the Bobcats don’t get calls.  They don’t make calls.  They don’t make contact without being out of control.  So, thusly, they don’t get to the line for FREE throws.  Free throws are the easiest way to get points and deal with pace.  They don’t get to the line and didn’t get there tonight.  14 of 16 from the line, whereas the Hawks were 21 of 28.

The culprits were Josh Smith and Joe Johnson for Atlanta.  They combined for a whole lot of points and rebounds.  53 points and 20 rebounds between them to the Bobcats’ 81 points and 30 rebounds total.

This was the first game of the Bobcats’ one and only 3 games in 3 days run of the year.  It’s one of 4 games in 5 days, including the mid-day tilt against the Warriors on Monday.  That might be a blessing or a curse.  A blessing because the Bobcats can forget it and move on.  Plus the big loss allowed a lot of playing time for the end of the bench guys.  It could be a curse, as a precursor to three quick, tough losses.  It could be more of a dificult lesson to learn.


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