Gameday Preview: Charlotte Bobcats at Atlanta Hawks

Round 4?  Regular season round 2 but the whole preseason was against the Hawks.  The previous game, if you don’t recall was the overtime loss at home, when the Hawks had lost the previous night in triple overtime on national tv to the Heat.  The interesting part tonight is, the Bobcats will have yet another starting lineup to try out.  Byron Mullens, the Bobcats’ 4th leading scorer, will get his first ever NBA start.  Mullens had the 3rd most points for the Bobcats with 17 against Atlanta 6 days ago.  He has no trouble taking shots, and is actually second on the team in FG%, I’d assume this is something Paul Silas wants to reward.  He wants his guys to shoot.  Tyrus Thomas returns after taking the previous game off, due to leg exhaustion or sore legs or something.  So, I guess that moves Boris Diaw to the small forward, with Gerald Henderson and D.J. Augustin at the guard positions.

I my opinion, D.J. White deserves some serious consideration for big minutes.  However, there is a serious logjam of guys in that forward position.  Boris Diaw gets more minutes than anyone on the team and is certainly the man when it comes to points+rebounds+assists, but we’re all having those similar Boris Diaw related frustrations.  He never takes over games.  If he’s leading the team in scoring, it’s quiet and seems like the last line in the process of elimination.

The Hawks are playing well.  They have the fourth best record in the east at 7-4.  Should be an interesting match-up, and some interesting experiments with the lineup.  Again, I don’t expect a whole lot, but I’d like to see some improvement and some energy and effort.


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