At the Half: Pistons at Bobcats

Let’s just say it:  No one on the Bobcats can score like Byron Mullens.  The guy was had for a 2nd round pick just before the season began and no one expected much.  Last night in his first start he had a career high of 21 points and tonight, he’s got 14 in the first half.  He runs the floor, he shoots, he gets the occasional putback dunk.  Too bad no one else really does much on offense.

The Pistons are bad too but they’re far more oportunistic than the Bobcats.  Thus, they lead by 12 at halftime.  Greg Monroe has been good, with 11 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds.  Jonas Jerebko has helped with the offensive workload, 12 points.  Rodney Stuckey had 8 points for the Pistons, but it was either him or Will Bynum who went down with a sprained ankle.  I get the two confused.

It’s been a block party for both teams, 4 for Detroit but 7 for the Bobcats.  Bismack Biyombo might be trying to show out for the guy they most relate his game to:  Ben Wallace.  Biz has 5 blocks.  Kemba Walker got one long run at point, part of it with the starters as he was first off the bench and he used 8 minutes to get 6 points and 2 assists.  Tyrus Thomas added to the block count with 3 of his own.  I don’t get the math, but that’s what ESPN’s box score is showing me, 5 for Biyombo, 3 for Thomas = 8 for the team but it shows 7 for the team so maybe it’s like half sacks or something in the NFL and they’ve shared some?  Who knows.

Boris Diaw attempted his first free throw in something like 9 games, which if you think about it, even for just a minute, your head will explode.  He only made one of his two attempts, thus has a single point, one more than he had last night.  Mullens has 14, Henderson, Thomas and Kemba have 6 each and that’s about it.  41-53 in this offensive juggernaut of a game.

Second half, look for Monroe to step out on Mullens’ longer shots and for this game to fall into the point guard’s hands for both teams.  DJ Augustin has 0 points but 6 assists, so he might look to get his own shot a bit more.  I don’t know, I just hope it isn’t as ugly in the third quarter as it has been in the last 3 games for the Bobcats.


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