Bobcats Hold Off Late Warriors Charge, End Losing Streak

6 game losing streak and a differential in the teens, Paul Silas at the end of his rope and Michael Jordan cracking skulls post-game, something had to give and it turns out it was the Golden State Warriors.  A day removed from this victory, I don’t know how it came about.  I missed the first half and that’s where the action came from.  The Bobcats were already up by 20 when I checked in.  I sent a text to Nic Watson, who occasionally writes here, who was at the game.  He didn’t respond.  I texted our friend Waldo who was with him, he said “Ehhh, I’m here, what else do you want to know?”  “Waldo, how the hell are we up by 20?”  “Good shooting and solid defense.”  Ok, well thanks for that massive insight.

The Warriors surged back, towards the end of the 3rd quarter and in the beginning of the fourth, but the Bobcats held them off.  Here are a few of the better round-up quotes, since all I can offer is “Good shooting, solid defense and surviving.”

DB Walker – Rufus on Fire:
This is what you want to see out of this team, and if you put any stock into what Paul Silas says after games you will see more of this. Playing Walker and Augustin together has obvious disadvantages, namely the starting backcourt can barely touch the rim on each other’s shoulders. But Augustin and Walker are two of the best, if not the best, players on this roster and they both need to play.


Blogcat – BobcatsPlanet:
And then, unbelievably—or perhaps totally believably—our 20-point lead to start the 4th quarter went all the way down to 6.  Make no mistake: the Warriors absolutely could have taken this game, and easily.  But again, they’re the Warriors.  Watching these clowns square off in the 4thquarter was like watching a fight to the death between Pee-Wee Herman and Urkel, with every silly turnover and bad shot by one team being one-upped by the other.

Good take, don’t forget, Golden State is bad too.

Rick “Ricky B!” Bonnell – Charlotte Observer
Desperation invokes change. For the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday night, that meant ending power forward Boris Diaw’s streak of 235 consecutive starts.

It also meant an end to the Bobcats’ six-game losing streak. With rookie guard Kemba Walker replacing Diaw as a starter, the Bobcats were smaller, quicker and dramatically more energetic in a 112-100 victory over the Golden State Warriors.

Absolutely obvious, and incredibly true.  This is exactly what you should take away from this game

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