Michael Jordan, Rumored to Be Pessimistic

Bobcats Have Some Famous Owners: Bob Johnson, Nelly, Michael Jordan

I have been talking with Matt Hamm from KeepingItHeel.com, which is the UNC Tarheels Blog here on the FanSided network, and he’s written something really, really interesting.  If true, Bobcats fans, we’re in for another shake-up.

Read This!

According to an inside Charlotte Bobcats team source owner Michael Jordan has admitted the blatantly obvious.  His Bobcats, are going nowhere fast.  In what was supposed to be a secret meeting between Jordan, his top advisers and coachPaul Silas.  The source indicated a wide variety of things that were discussed in this not so secret meeting.

Yikes.  Read the whole thing.  I won’t give away Matt’s hard work here, the rumors (from unnamed sources, the bane of my existence) are big.  Even if you are skeptical about what Matt says, he still makes good points.

It’s good to get the perspective of someone involved in the world of basketball, North Carolina and Michael Jordan, but not neccessarily a Bobcats fan.  As ever, fans want Jordan.  They want to see him, get close to him, have him as the face of the team and the influence of record in the city of Charlotte.

I can’t say I blame anyone who questions why Jordan doesn’t put himself out there more but I also see it from his perspective.  He still pulls in more money than Kobe, Lebron or anyone else in endorsements.  He’s got other interests.  Michael Jordan, as I’ve said before, is his own man and owes no one anything, at all.  More than that though, he doesn’t want to pull attention from the players on the court, at least that’s my assumption.

Check out KeepingItHeel’s post, it’s telling in a lot of important ways.

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