Bobcats Lose In Chicago

What did I just see?  I’m so confused and I feel like my eyes are bleeding.

47.3% shooting for the Bobcats, 2-11 from beyond the three point line.  The Bulls took 11 more shots from the field and I don’t know how but shot fewer free throws and pulled down 7 fewer rebounds.  Was it turnovers?  Yep.  16-8 in the Bulls’ favor.

Lots and lots of turnovers for the Bobcats, yeah, that’s what causes the eye-bleeds every time.  8 turnovers for the starting guards to 5 assists.  And I thought Kemba Walker and D.J. Augustin would find a way with Derrick Rose out.  Josh Hill from tells me that C.J. Watson is that good on defense that he could make two solid PG’s look really bad.  8 assists to 7 points between the combo of D.J. Augustin and Kemba Walker.

If you just look at the box score, you basically know the story.  Starters were bad, bench was alright and Gerald Henderson and Byron Mullens picked up the scoring slack.  Eduardo Najera made his season debut late in the game, which was weird because I think he was actually still on the injury report but he scored a basket and had a steal and broke up some other plays.

Paul Silas just said something scary to me.  He said that Tyrus Thomas had a good night, one of his best of the season and that he (Coach) was pleased with him.  That kind of talk is deeply troubling to me.  6 points, not good.  7 rebounds, ehhhh, no Noah no Gibson, unimpressed.  3 blocks is nice but not enough when he allows as much as he does.  Of the starters, his +/- was the best at -12.  The blocks and rebounds have to be what Paul is talking about because otherwise, I don’t see it.  I don’t get excited about Tyrus Thomas having an average night as a starter.

Chicago is good and pretty damn deep.  They beat up on Cleveland in their previous game without Gibson or Rose and then extended a lead to have it squeezed in garbage minutes by the Bobcats without Joakim Noah.  Watson got in foul trouble, but made his impact before his time was cut.  The rest just held and extended that lead with some nice outside shooting from Boozer and Deng.  Rip Hamilton had a season high 20 points and continued to frustrate his cover by running without stopping.  There is no one in the league that does that anymore and I like it as a throwback or a quirk to his game.

I’m with Silas, I thought the Bobcats had a chance tonight, with so many Bulls out, but Deng, Boozer, Hamilton and the rest were good enough to get out ahead of the Bobcats late in the 2nd quarter and continued that in the second half.  It wasn’t until truly garbage time that the Bobcats showed some life.  Najera, Derrick Brown, Cory Higgins and Boris Diaw made the score not looks so bad, but if you watched the game, you know it didn’t matter.


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