Bobcats Pick Up Gerald Henderson's Option

What have you done to deserve a $900,000 raise?  Did you go from participating in every other meeting at work to most meetings to running every meeting?  Well that’s the equivilant to what Gerald Henderson has done in his 2 seasons and this quarter of a season.  As a rookie, he only saw time in 43 games, no starts.  Last season, he picked up for Gerald Wallace when the Bobcats lone All-Star was traded at the deadline.  This season, he’s started every game, led the Bobcats in scoring and kept up his defensive tenacity.  He has earned every bit of that massive raise that comes with the team picking up the option on his rookie deal.

I’ve wondered if we have seen Hendo’s ceiling.  I’m pretty certain that we haven’t.  He has the ear and the support of the greatest player ever, who happens to be his owner.  The reasons therein are likely two-fold.  He is athletic and lean in the way of Jordan and Kobe and he works and works and works.

So, Gerald Henderson will be around at least one more year.  He’s got a quallifying offer of $4.267 million the season after next, according to  That’s another $1.1 million raise over next season’s $3.1 million team option.  I’m interested to see if his development, forever stunted by Larry Brown, will continue at a rate that gains him some serious cash in the NBA.


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