Bobcats Get Some Good News

Good might be a strong word.  We’re still not sure what the goal is for this season.  Assuming that winning some games, maybe contending for any position above the bottom of the division and possibly the league, the Bobcats gained some hope.

Rick Bonnell is reporting that Gerald Henderson, D.J. White and now, Reggie Williams will be available for the Bobcats on Tuesday night at the Lakers.  We haven’t yet seen Reggie Williams in a Bobcats uniform.  Williams had a torn MCL in his left knee that happened while he was playing in Spain during the lockout.  The story goes that he was told in Spain he didn’t need surgery but as soon as he was signed by the Bobcats he went ahead and had the surgery to clean it up.

Henderson bruised his tailbone, which I don’t know how it doesn’t happen in the NBA more, against the Knicks, which caused him to miss the game against the Wizards, but he came back against the Sixers only to aggravate it, causing him to miss the next game, also against the Wizards.  He’s apparently now going to be healthy enough to play against the player he most emulates, Kobe Bryant on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

D.J. White banged knees in the game against Chicago, tried to play in the first Washington game but agravated his ankle.  He will now be available to take some time off Tyrus Thomas and Boris Diaw and make the Bobcats roster less diminutive.  Javale McGee exposed the ‘Cats lack of size and toughness in those two games and they’ll need all the help they can get against a front-line of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace, which still makes me laugh.

So, yeah, if you want the Bobcats to compete a little better, these are all good things.  D.J. Augustin is still out and according to an exclusive interview he gave to Ricky B! of the Charlotte Observer, he might be out for a good long while.  His toe thing is some sort of debilitating inflammation in the tendons or some odd thing, just read the article from Bonnell.  Corey Maggette, the other player you’d expect to lead the team in scoring, is also out an extended period of time with his hamstring.

I’m mostly intrigued with what Reggie Williams will bring.  I hope it’s not just streaky shooting, but I’m afraid it might be.  I’m a huge D.J. White fan and I’m excited for him to be back.  Gerald Henderson as well, I mean it was just a bruised tail-bone.

Injuries have played as large a part in the Bobcats season as anything.  I’m glad those three are over.

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