Bobcats at Suns, at the Half


I can’t really believe it.  The Charlotte Bobcats have gone into Phoenix and risen from the ashes, much like a, I don’t know how to describe it, like a something valuable that makes it through a fire and then comes out of it later.

Reggie Williams leads all scorers with 13 in his first start as a Bobcat, only his 20th ever.  Right behind Williams is Kemba Walker who has had a nice game, with 10 points, 4 assists and he has been playing with somewhat abandon.  I wouldn’t call it reckless, but he’s very aggressive, getting to the rim and taking contact.

Phoenix doesn’t have anyone in double figures, but that’s not really their problem.  They’ve taken 6 more shots than the Bobcats but they’ve made one less.  They’re shooting poorly from the line as well, with 5 makes on 10 attempts.  I have seen Marcin Gortat in action now, however and I like his game, he’s big and tough and dunked on Tyrus Thomas in the play of the game so far, but I’m proud of Tyrus for jumping to challenge.

Steve Martin, who I really appreciate as an announcer and twitter follow, just said the Bobcats have their first halftime lead since January 17th against Orlando.  Wow.  Hopefully the work will continue and the Bobcats can pull up their bootstraps here against the Suns.

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