Bobcats at Suns, Gameday Preview

Two words:  BIYOMBO TIME!

Whoop whoop!  Bismack Biyombo will get his first ever NBA start tonight for the Charlotte Bobcats.  I have no idea if that will pay off, but it’s a huge step for the young man from the Congo.  Biz and Kemba Walker, the two rookies, getting the start.  Reggie Williams, the free agent signee for the Bobcats this year, gets his first start in relief of the injured Gerald Henderson.  Boris Diaw and Tyrus Thomas round out the starting lineup.

It’s neccessity and desperation, coupled with another bad team to try something out against that have created this Frankenstein lineup.  Three power forwards, a combo-point and a three-point specialist.  Yeah, that’s abotu the size of the injury plagued, miserable run of a season the Bobcats are on.

The Suns aren’t horrible.  A team with Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Jared Dudley, three of my all time favorites, can’t be all bad, right?  8-14 on the season, compared to the Bobcats’ 3-20 seems incredible.  They’ve got Marcin Gortat, Shannon Brown, Michael Redd, Robin Lopez and Markeif Morris; some nice names and interesting backgrounds, but they haven’t been able to put much together under Alvin Gentry.

If you follow fellow Fansided blogger, Adam Koscielak from, you know, he loves Gortat.  Dwight Howard’s former backup is probably the Suns’ best player currently.  I don’t know but that’s what Adam is always talking about.

I’m hopeful for a Bobcats bounce-back.  I don’t know if it’s likely, or even possible with all the injuries, but they’ve had a few days off and all the new guys starting, maybe there’s a chance?

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