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Jan 22, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Workers walk with a photo of Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin (not pictured) on a pole to encourage All-Star Game voting during the game at the Staples Center. Clippers won 103-91. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

NBA All-Star Reserves Announced, Bobcats Shocked No One Made it

Ok, that’s no fair, being so sarcastic in the title, but this is a Charlotte Bobcats fan-site and we have to have some tilt in that direction in each post.  The NBA and TNT announced the starters last week, no surprises there, with Florida and LA dominating both sides but the reserves are always interesting to see.  I always hope for some odd, deep selection that makes Kenny and Charles jump out of their seats and rocks the NBA landscape, but no, nothing shocking.

There are 7 first timers, many of whom you could have made arguments for before this season (’s release says 5 are first timers, but the roster page notes 7, maybe some were selected but couldn’t participate before?).  It was my contention, in a previous post, that you could almost work your way through the standings from the previous year and fill out your All-Star roster without putting much thought into it.  My theoretical roster looked something like this:

East  (actual selections in BOLD)
Lebron James – Miami

Dwayne Wade – Miami
Chris Bosh – Miami
Dwight Howard – Orlando
Derrick Rose – Chicago
Joakim Noah or Luol Deng – Chicago
Joe Johnson – Atlanta
Al Horford – Atlanta
Paul Pierce – Boston
Kevin Garnett – Boston
Ray Allen – Boston
Rajon Rondo – Boston

That’s about as cynical a list as a dude from a small market team can make.  If you pull out Horford and some of the Celtics I listed and added in Amar’e Stodumire, Carmelo Anthony and a wild card, as I mentioned in that post, I got it pretty close.  I didn’t think Roy Hibbert would make it, but he damn well did.  That’s one dude that worked on his game after a disappointing rookie year and has come alive in the past 2 seasons.  It also didn’t occur to me that Andre Iguodala or Deron Williams would be factors, but Williams is generally regarded as in the top 3 point guards in the league and Iggy is being rewarded on behalf of his team success.  I would have liked to see Danny Granger or someone else from Indiana make it, along with at least one other guy from Philly.  Based on each team’s record alone, there has to be more than one star on each squad.

My West Guesses:    (again, actual selections in BOLD)
Dirk Nowitski – Dallas
Jason Kidd (maybe) – Dallas
Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City
Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City
Kobe Bryant – Lakers
Pau Gasol – Lakers
Andrew Bynum- Lakers
Blake Griffin – Clippers
Kevin Love – Minnesota
Chris Paul – Clippers
LaMarcus Aldridge – Portland
Manu Ginobli – San Antonio
Tim Duncan – San Antonio
Tony Parker – San Antonio
Kyle Lowery – Houston

I was just spitballing on the West, but again, somewhat easy to predict.  Aldridge made it, after a ridiculous snub last season, which is gratifying.  Some injuries burned me there on predictions.  I got my Gasols mixed up, with Marc being selected and Pau not.  I also got my “Old Guy Lifetime Achievement” recipient wrong, with Steve Nash being selected and Timmay Duncan, left home.

Predictable, but in that same sense, apt, this year’s All-Star roster is going to be entertaining.  It’s good to see just enough fresh blood out there, with Deng, Hibbert, Aldridge and Iguodala being the most deserving in my estimation, to finally be recognized with the Lebrons, Wades and Kobes of the world.  Scratch that, Kobe is on a plane by himself out of this year’s crop, as he matches the outstanding record of Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry West and Karl Malone for consecutive selections at 14 straight.

The Bobcats are sending a lone participant at this point, in Kemba Walker, to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge, which we’ll talk about in another post.  One day, there may be multiple Charlotte Bobcats on an Eastern Conference All-Star roster, but it sure isn’t going to be this year!

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