Bobcats Lose Again, This time To Detroit

Yeah, I feel ya Coach Silas. Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to copy and paste another game recap from a while back.  Even if I pick at random, there’s a little better than a 1 in 10 chance it’ll be pretty close to accurate.  Same story, different night, different town.

Three goodish quarters and one bad one.  Tonight it was the second.  Stephen Silas went out with some sort of sickness and Bismack Biyombo left due to a shoulder issue.  That quarter was lost by 14, with the Bobcats already down by one to end the first.  The second half was dead even, so the final score was Bobcats 94, Pistons 109.  Yep, this team has no ability to recover.

Full disclosure:  This is not a full time gig for me.  I work, and I work odd hours, so I miss several games.  So, tonight I got home at 11.  I asked Nic, who blogs here rarely, sorry, occasionally, “Did you watch the game?”  Nic:  (several minutes later) ”    i watched most of it, up to 3rd at least.”  Ok, so what happened?  “bismack in . bobcats winning.  bismack out. bobcats lose.”  

Pretty simple.  Defense and rebounding are what would make the Bobcats offense work.  It’s a complete game sort of thing.  Bismack is the only guy who consistently works on defense.  I read a quote on from Gerald Henderson, who returned from a 9 game absence:  “It started with our defensive rebounding. It was really bad. I think Monroe had 20 and we got out-rebounded (55-37), which is unacceptable. We can’t expect win with a differential like that, so we need to get tougher in that area of the game.”

The Bobcats can never close a gap without either hitting threes, getting stops, easy baskets and generally outplaying a team for several minutes.  It will never happen.  Either you get ahead and stay ahead or keep it close and hope to get the last possession to go your way, or in a game of runs, get the most out of your runs.  The Bobcats do none of that and tonight seems like it was the perfect example.

Detroit got beat really bad in their previous game against Philadelphia.  They rebounded, literally and figuratively against the Bobcats.  I’m not saying the Bobcats couldn’t do the same in their next game, Friday against San Antonio.  Wait, yeah I am.  The Spurs have got it rolling, eventhough they lost to the Bulls tonight, they closed the game to a possession or two game with seconds to go.  San Antonio has figured out how to play their style and to make wins out of it.  The Bobcats have no style.

I’m just down, maybe things will be better tomorrow.  Hey, maybe the Bobcats will change their name?!  Whoo hooo.  Stir that pot sucka!

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