What is the Best Outcome for the Boris Diaw Fiasco?

I gotta say, that's some solid defense. Credit: Jim O US Presswire

Boris Diaw wants out, his coach wants him out, the fans have wanted him out and pretty much, one way or another, he’s not going to be a Charlotte Bobcat for much longer.  He’s been deactivated from the roster.  Paul Silas ripped him a new one in the press, and everyone is buzzing about it.  The “Boris Diaw trade rumors” search is the #1 thing bringing people to the site and we haven’t really even talked about it.  But, seriously, how will this end? Option “A,” which sucks, the dumbest option, is a buyout.  The Bobcats pay whatever Diaw and his agent agree to, just to make him go away.  Diaw would go on to some other team, free and clear.  That’s the least likely scenario.  The Bobcats are in the business of gathering assets and while Boris is litterally a huge ASSet, he’s not much on the basketball court right now but he still counts as an asset.  Rich Cho and Rod Higgins aren’t going to let him go for nothing.

Option “B,” of course, is trading him.  There are some rumors, discussions leaking out that the Bobcats could be involved in a 3 way trade or some other fashion of trade that would bring something for the flabby Frenchman.  I don’t know if anything legitimately could be done.  I don’t know what sort of value Boris has on the open market.  He’s versatile, and when he wants to, he plays well in spurts.  But is he actually sought after by any team?  I doubt the Bobcats have fielded very many phone calls, other than “Hey, I’ll give you a 2nd rounder for Diaw,” that would legitimize his vaule on the market, even with his very public demands. I don’t know what team he’d work on.  His issue is, rather than filling roles, he handles about anything.  He doesn’t do one thing exceptionally well, but he does enough well that he’s not a complete loss on a roster.  Fellow FanSided blogger Quixem Ramirez at Air Alamo begs the question “Does Diaw fit on the Spurs?”  I’d venture a guess to say that that might be one of the best fits.  A strong, savvy coach, veteran leaders mixed with youth, a team that comes in waves, where Boris could blend in and of course, the all important French connection with Tony Parker in place.  But from the Bobcats’ side, what would they get back?  Quixem doesn’t mention that.  I am not good at the trade machine on ESPN.com, and at first look, the Spurs don’t have much to trade this way, Boris is afterall making $9 million.  Therein lies the problem, Diaw is making too much for far too little.

Option “C” is to stand pat and do nothing.  Let this thing play out.  Sit Boris for as long as you want to, it makes no difference except to his future earnings, which the Bobcats will have no part in anyway.  The buyout might save money, the trade might yield some sort of good return but the easiest, most likely option, is to do nothing.  Let Diaw sit, get fat on the bench, Keyshawn him if you want.  I think letting him rot might make the biggest point.  It’s the least risky, that’s for sure. I just don’t see any real value and I guess, it wouldn’t make much sense if I were GM of some other team to take on a petulant, likely overweight, shapeless goo-ball that doesn’t fill a distinct need on any sort of consistent basis.

The logic isn’t there. But, in the NBA, logic doesn’t always win out, or even factor in, sometimes.  One way or another, Boris Diaw isn’t contributing and he’s asked for some sort of “out.”  It just pisses me off that he thinks he can get what he wants after giving so little.

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