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Bobcats Trade Rumors

Okie dokie, so we’re fully in the trade deadline madness.  Forget “March Madness,” this is NBA trade deadline psychosis.  15 roster spots per team, 30 teams, everybody looking to get better.  Future draft picks, expiring contracts, franchise players, prima donnas, they’re all on the table.  Dwight Howard is the massive first domino waiting for Otis Smith and Billy King or whoever to flick it.  Once he falls, or stays or whatever the hell, then other teams might leap into action.  One of those teams, the most important one for us at is the Charlotte Bobcats.

There are two distinct rumors out there, and I call them distinct rumors like someone might call jello “firm.”  These come to us by way of Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.  First would be Boris Diaw headed to the New Jersey Nets for a first round pick and some players to make the numbers work.  This is the major linchpin for the Bobcats and with The Nets being the desired location for Dwight Howard, this one would have to take quite a lot to go down, in my opinion.  Second, involves D.J. Augustin.  This would come as no surprise, as many fans have expected the Bobcats to send the point guard out since the day Kemba Walker was drafted at #9 overall.  The partner would be familiar, being Portland.  The TrailBlazers want another former Charlotte player to go with Gerald Wallace and Raymond Felton and would be willing to part with Jamal Crawford.  

Neither trade makes a whole heck of a lot of sense to me.  They’re “legit” (again, “legit”: rumors:: “jumbo”: shrimp)  because Rick Bonnell doesn’t throw out trade rumors unless they’re substantiated.  But, when we think of the overall concept that the Bobcats front office has taken on since the Tyson Chandler trade in the 2010 off-season, they don’t measure up.  Cap space, “liquidity” of contracts and assembling of assets that show the most upside have been the hallmarks of the most recent Rod Higgins/Rich Cho philosophy.  Taking back Jordan Farmar and Johan Petro, who both have at least an option to be on the team after this season, in order to make Boris Diaw into a first round pick, doesn’t seem to accomplish any of those goals.

Jamal Crawford is owed $5 million this season and has a player option for $5.225 million next season.  Compare that to $3.26 million this year and a quallifying offer for D.J. Augustin and you don’t get out ahead in that trade.  It doesn’t work in the trade machine, so I don’t know what else would be involved and I don’t think Ricky B! does either.

Does either trade work for you?  I’d like to see Boris Diaw gone, of course, but I don’t think Jordan Farmar or Johan Petro sweetens that deal nearly enough.  I’d rather see the cap space in the off season than take that on in order to get a first rounder.  The DJ Augustin idea might be alright, if I knew more about Jamal Crawford.  I don’t understand the Portland fascination with former Bobcats.  Poor DJ has never had the team in his hands and neither has Raymond Felton.

We’ll know that the roster looks like for the next several months by 3 pm tomorrow.  I can’t wait for all the drama to end.

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