Live Blog 2nd Half Against Minnesota

Weird ending, when the Bobcats close it to 2 possessions with 13 seconds to go, on a Corey Maggette drive and made free throw, the Bobcats let the Wolves dribble it out.  Makes me thing of a word, starts with a “T” ends with “anking.”

Corey Maggette will be the leading scorer for the Bobcats, but he’s a lot of the reason they didn’t have a chance in the end.

Kemba Walker has put the game on his shoulders, if the Bobcats lose by single digits, it’s because Kemba Walker made it so.

Let’s make it official:  Kevin Love shot doesn’t count and Corey Maggette 6-14 on the game.  Tell me about the second half for cryin out loud!

Wesley Johnson draws another charge, this time on Corey Maggette, who hands over another possession.  I’m going to look up his stats.  Ridiculous.

Ugly, ugly possession for the Bobcats, tentatively down by 11 now, but the horrible passes, needlessly behind the back and stuff.  Kemba Walker passed up a complete clearout by Eddy on KLove.  Just a weird possession.

Ok, they’re going to look at one of the worst calls on memory as the shot clock ended, Kevin Love left the floor for a dunk, which they counted.  Thankful for the boos at Time Warner Cable Arena.  Thankful for instant replay as well.

And the Wolves stretch the lead to 9 on some kind of plays, I don’t even know.  I swear the Bobcats can lose control of a game in the blink of an eye.

Kemba Walker with the old fashioned 3 point play and then a sweet three at the top of the key.  He brings a change-up to the game but I’m not ready to turn the team over to him.

Tom Werme (pronounced “Wormy”), bringing the info off of the quarter break (Bobcats down by 3).  Talking about Gerald Henderson who is getting rest to begin the period, who is just working out his game.

Corey Maggette is absolutely useless if he’s not getting to the line.  I think he’s 0-5 in the third quarter and he takes dumb shots.  He got his mess tossed.  As I type that, he gets a steal and drives to the basket only to be fouled.

All those first round picks used on point guards and right now, the point guard of record for the Timberwolves is Luke Ridenour.  Pretty weird.  PS Martel Webster looks ridiculous.

When I say “Kevin Love cheats,” I’m barely exaggerating.  He plays that Bill Laimbeer/Kevin McHale style of power forward, where you can do whatever you want, sort of like when there’s a scrum in football, you can do whatever you want as long as the ref doesn’t call it.  He just did it again, and thus we see Eddy Najera in and DJ White out, 62-59 Minnesota.

If you follow me on twitter (theRobertoGato), you know how much I hate the Wachovia, or Wells Fargo, hey do you remember when they were First Union?  The Wells Fargo commercial where the guy inherits his dad’s motorcycle, is the bane of my exsistence.  And Kevin Love cheats for his 20th point on a put back.

I’m freakin hungry.  I know Steve Martin likes to play the hungry guy, but they show the same funnel cake clip every game and he freaks out over it every time.  They aren’t even real funnel cakes, they’re like pre-made something.  If you don’t smell grease, you don’t eat the imitation fair food.

Lots of fouls, lots of Bobcats fouls, as the Wolves try to go inside with Kevin Love and Derrick Williams drawing fouls.  It shows the younger, inexperienced Bobcats’ impatience, getting in the air on pump fakes.

I’m sticking to the offense here, I realize, that’s just how it’s working out, but Gerald Henderson demands it.  Litterally, he’s demanding and aggressive, drawing an offensive play on a sweet drive that he was trying to turn into a wrap around pass, but he put a knee in a Timberwolf’s chest.

DJ White hit a shot, have I told you lately how much I love DJ White?  That’s followed up by Corey Maggette missing his 2nd shot of the quarter, he has no conscience.

The Bobcats are up by 2, and althought Kevin Love was injured, knocking knees with Eduardo Najera, he comes out and hits a three to kick things off, taking the lead back by 1.

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