Bobcats Gerald Henderson with an efficient 4-4 shooting night, but that is all. Credit: John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Bobcats Win Streak Ends at Toronto

Not like a season win streak, silly.  The Bobcats had been 7-0 over 2 seasons against the Raptors, however tonight, the guys from north of the border had the shots in the end.  Andrea Bargnani hit the shots and the Bobcats did not, not even DJ Augustin or Byron Mullens, who had been hitting them, thus the first loss in 2 years for the Bobcats against the Raptors.

The Bobcats, to me right now, are sort of like those stupid freakin’ magic pictures they had in the ’90s.

Check out the :46 mark of this video:

You look at it but you don’t look at it, you focus on one particular point, but don’t focus completely.  It doesn’t make sense and I can’t explain it.  You just know what you’re looking at or you don’t.  I focus on individual performances, as well as the team as a whole, but neither really impacts my overall sense of the team.  This game was a perfect example of that:  D.J. Augustin impressed me, but he came off the bench in favor of Kemba Walker getting the start.  Byron Mullens impressed me, but he was matched up with Andrea Bargnani and he has never impressed me whatsoever.  Derrick Brown impressed me, but he does very little on his own, just cleans up other’s efforts, if that makes sense.

The overall performance was good, but they lost, by 5 to the Raptors who still don’t have their stuff together.  I keep going back to all the “don’t make excuses” silly quotes and cliches you hear from older people.  “If ‘if’s and buts’ were candy and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas.” “If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.”  If only the Bobcats were a little better, had a few fewer injuries, if they were more complete, if the PG position were more defined.

This game, if you had expectations, you’d think Kemba Walker would have the better game, being quicker, shiftier (is that a word), and starting, matching up with Jose Calderon, who is aging and isn’t, to me anyway, known to be a great defender.  D.J. Augustin became that guy, scoring 10 of his 18 points in the 4th quarter and adding 4 assists in that final stanza.  This was the first game that Paul Silas had Kemba Walker start when D.J. Augustin was healthy, and in his post-game comments, he said “well, we need Kemba to learn and that’s why we did this.”  So, it’s basically, we are going to turn the keys over to Kemba, but we still need D.J. to keep us in games?  It’s so strange, I don’t see the 3-d image here.

There’s a lot of that right now.  And for those of you that have quit watching and are looking for a recap, here’s the highlights:  Bobcats kept it close, Raptors tried to pull away.  Bargnani, Demar Derozan and Linas Klieza were the only ones worth talking about from the Raptors.  They don’t play a good brand of basketball, but as we all know, the Bobcats are far worse.

Countdown is on, but the Bobcats basically have to win one more game to make sure they aren’t the worst team in NBA history.  Whether that happens, remains to be seen.  It’s a while away, with 14 games left, it’s a distinct possibility.


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