Dwight: "Hey Biz, watch this. I promise you'll figure it out one day." Biyombo: "What?" Dwight: "It's called a pump fake. See you on the other end." Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Charlotte Bobcats desperately clawing for a win to close the season

Michael Jordan might not be able to come up with a 12 foot trophy in time for the final two games of the season (it’d be great if he even bothers to show up to either game), but it doesn’t matter.

The Bobcats are playing these final two games against the Magic and Knicks for something much larger; If they can’t pull out a win before the season is over, they will go down as the worst team in the history of the NBA.

Charlotte already beat their two remaining opponents, but that probably doesn’t matter, because the only team that has more than one loss to the Bobcats this year is Toronto.

The last time they faced Orlando, the Bobcats won by 16 on 29 points from the oft-injured Corey Maggette and a near triple-double from Bismack Biyombo, who outplayed Dwight Howard.

Maggette and Howard are done for the year, but Biyombo is healthy. He’ll have to bring his A+++ game if Charlotte is going to win this one.

Orlando has lost three in a row, and without Howard, they’re vulnerable inside and on the boards.

In its last game against Denver, the Magic got outscored 64-24 in the paint and lost the rebounding battle by 10.

The Bobcats aren’t very good in either of those statistics, but they should be starting points in their game plan tonight.

If the Charlotte wins tonight and the Magic lose on Thursday at Memphis,  the Knicks could move up to the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference by winning their final two games vs the Clippers and at the Bobcats.

With so much at stake in the Bobcats final two games (avoiding the “worst team ever” moniker and holding the first round match-up fate of two teams in the collective palm of their hand) it shouldn’t take much for Charlotte to get pumped up these next two nights.

If they still need some motivation, though, maybe a trophy isn’t that bad of an idea.

Because if Charlotte can’t win one of their last two games, “in the anals of history, people are going to be talking about three things: The discovery of fire, invention of the submarine” and how horrible the Bobcats were this year.


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