We know you can still ball, MJ. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Michael Jordan: Suit up, the Bobcats need you

Call it a publicity stunt, call it crazy, call it what ever you want.

Michael Jordan should suit up for the Charlotte Bobcats in their final game of the year against the New York Knicks.

The worst record in NBA history is on the line, and Jordan has come under fire lately for not appearing to care all that much.

Larry Brown also went on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday morning to take a few shots at MJ, questioning the people he surrounds himself with.

What better way to stick it to all the “haters” (and to rip the hearts out of New York Knicks fans one more time) than to come back in the final game of the year, drop 25 points and keep the Bobcats out of the NBA’s historical basement.

In his final two seasons with the Wizards, Jordan averaged more than 20 points, five rebounds and four assists per game. He’d probably be the best player on the Bobcats roster, and he could still do this a few years ago:

Carmelo Anthony is already out for the game, Tyson Chandler will play limited minutes, and the Bobcats are just awful. Somehow the NBA made this their prime time match-up on TNT.

The game needs something to draw eyes off the NFL draft, and MJ’s return would do that.

Between a 22 game losing streak, an extremely real chance at the worst record ever, and the fact that Charlotte fans really need something to cheer for, why shouldn’t he come back?

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