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Charlotte Bobcats Player Grades: Reggie Williams

The worst season in NBA history is in the books, and it’s time to look at the players who made it all possible.

In the coming days I’ll take a look at every single Bobcats player (and I mean every single one), grade their season, and take a look into their future.

The other day I looked at Boris Diaw’s (shamefully pathetic) season. Today, it’s Reggie Williams’ turn.

Offense: C

Williams is my kinda guy. Young, relatively unknown, not too expensive and full of promise.

This season Williams averaged 13.2 points and just under three assists per 36 minutes, had an offensive rating (points produced per 100 possessions) of 100 and had a true shooting percentage (takes into account threes and free-throws) of just over 50 percent.

In his first two seasons with Golden State, Williams had an offensive rating between 116 and 118, and still managed to use less than 20 percent of his team’s plays while he was on thte floor (basketball-reference.com).

What that says to me, is this guy knows how to get his shot, and puts them in when he has the chance.

Defense: D-

His defensive rating (points produced allowed per 100 possessions) was a 113, he averaged just one steal per 36 minutes and he wasn’t much of a force on the defensive glass, averaging just 3.2 defensive rebounds per 36 minutes.

His defensive woes probably had something to do with the overall defensive ineptitude of his team this year, so with a new regime coming in 2012/13, those numbers could get better.

Miscellaneous: C

Williams took care of the ball this season, averaging just 1.6 turnovers per 36 minutes.

He also held his own at the free-throw line shooting above 70 percent from the charity stripe. I would’ve liked to see him get to the line more, though, because he only averaged 1.9 free-throw attempts per 36 minutes.

Overall: C-

Williams played in just half of Charlotte’s 66 games this year because of injury.

If he had been in the lineup all season, I think his offensive numbers would’ve been closer to the 118 O-Rating and 16.3 points per 36 minutes he averaged last year.

He’s young, he’s improving and he should be healthy next year, which means he could be fighting for Charlotte’s starting small forward spot against the oft-injured Corey Maggette (who will be graded in the coming days).


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