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Charlotte Bobcats Player Grades: Bryon Mullens

The worst season in NBA history is in the books, and it’s time to look at the players who made it all possible.

In the coming days I’ll take a look at every single Bobcats player (and I mean every single one), grade their season, and take a look into their future.

The other day I looked at Reggie Williams’ (nearly solid) season. Today, it’s Byron Mullens’ turn.


If there’s one thing Seven Feet of Smooth can do, it’s shoot the mid range jumper like it’s going out of style. Sometimes he’s on and sometimes he’s off (way off. Like “holy crap I think he just knocked someone in the fifth row out” off). But hey, at least he’s not afraid to shoot.

But, taking into account that this was basically his rookie season (he played in just 26 games in his first two years with Oklahoma City), Mullens wasn’t that bad.

He scored 9.3 points per game (14.9 per 36 minutes), had an offensive rating of 94 (bad, but 23 points higher than the previous season), and had a true shooting percentage of 47 percent (again, not that good, but miles better than the previous year). He also shot 82 percent from the free-throw line (now if only he could get there more often).

He did have a negative offenseive-win-share (wins contributed by a player due to his offense), though, and he doesn’t really have much of a post game, yet.

Defense: F

I’m not saying he didn’t try… But he definitely looked lost on the defensive end of the floor in 2012.

His defensive rating was a 110, he averaged less than two blocks and one steal per 36 minutes, and, again, opposing bigs ate him alive on the block.

Miscellaneous: D+

Mullens was pretty safe with the ball this season; He only averaged 1.8 turnovers per 36 minutes.

He also averaged eight rebounds and commited less than four fouls per 36 minutes.

His winshare-per-48 (number of wins contributed by a player per 48 minutes), however, was just .007.

Overall: D+

I wish I could give Mullens a better grade, but he just wasn’t all there this year. His shot was inconscistent, his defense was conscistently awful, and he just didn’t do enough in any of the other areas of the game to warrant a better mark.

I can’t wait to see what he does with the team next year. I think he can be a solid stretch-four off the bench, and if he learns how to shoot threes, rebound better and develop some semblance of a post game he could even become one of the better sixth man type players in the game a few years down the road.

Considering that all Charlotte gave up for him was a second round draft pick, if he can develop into something in between those two, Bobcats fans will be more than pleased.


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