Apr 23, 2012; Washington, DC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats forward Derrick Brown (4) attempts a jump shot against the Washington Wizards during the second half at the Verizon Center. The Wizards defeated the Bobcats 101 - 73. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE

Charlotte Bobcats Player Grades: Derrick Brown

The worst season in NBA history is in the books, and it’s time to look at the players who made it all possible.

In the coming days I’ll take a look at every single Bobcats player (and I mean every single one), grade their season, and take a look into their future.

The other day I looked at Byron Mullens’ (offensively decent, but defensively challenged) season. Today, it’s Derrick Brown’s turn.

Offense: C

Believe it or not, Derrick Brown was one of the best offensive players on Charlotte’s roster this season.

His offensive rating (points produced per 100 possessions) was a 110, he scored 13.1 points per 36 minutes and had a true shooting percentage (takes into account threes and free-throws) of 56 percent.

He wasn’t a very effective passer though, and averaged less than two assists per 36 minutes.

Defense: F

Like many of his fellow Bobcats, Brown was pretty awful defensively in 2012.

He sported a defensive rating (points produced allowed per 100 possessions) of 111, averaged less than a block and two steals per 36 minutes, and had a defensive win share (wins contributed by a player’s defense) of just 0.3.

Miscellaneous: C

All around, Brown had a pretty solid season. His 14.7 PER (player efficiency rating) was one of the best on the team (but still 0.3 points lower than the league average), he had a win share per-48 (wins contributed by a player per 48 minutes) of .076 (league average is .100), and he didn’t turn the ball over much and was a decent rebounder for the amount of minutes he played.

Overall: C-

Brown is athletic enough to become an above average defender, but that part of his game isn’t there yet.

He’s shown flashes of offensive brilliance at times, but he’s too passive when the ball is in his hands. His true shooting percentage shows that Brown is an efficient scorer, so he needs to be a little more aggressive.

Brown made less than $1 million this season and I think the Bobcats should resign him (either for one year with a team option for the second, or two years at $1.5 million each) and give him more playing time in 2012/13.

With a little work, he could become a solid scoring option off the bench.

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