Dec 09, 2009; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Ann Iverson, the mother of Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson (not pictured), holds up a sign during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Pistons at the Wachovia Center. Detroit defeated Philadelphia 90-86. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Allen Iverson, a Bobcat? When will we have THE ANSWER?

A little over a week ago, reports in the Charlotte, North Carolina area centered around Allen Iverson (also known as “The Answer”) hanging out at the university area TGIFriday’s. Of course, this could merely be a rumor that Allen talked to the Bobcats organization, but it could also be a possibility. I only view this as a win-win situation IF (and this is a big IF) Allen Iverson has changed his attitude. Everyone from North Carolina to the North Pole has heard the infamous “Practice” quote from Allen Iverson. In fact, my nine year old knows this quote. She wasn’t even born when Iverson said this originally. That is how popular his rant has become. Iverson’s poor taste of words, in addition to his issues with former 76ers coach Larry Brown, hurt his reputation and legacy. Hopefully, he can rebound from this down point in his career.

If Michael Jordan does sign Allen Iverson to a contract, this could be a good move in the right direction. Iverson still has talent. It is a shame what has happened to his career. Michael Jordan, who was once faked out of his Jordan XI’s by Iverson, could make or break his reputation as a GM with this signing. A lot is on the line with the upcoming draft. Charlotte can only go up; however, the only way they go down is by losing more games.

Could the Charlotte Bobcats have a starting lineup that consists of Kemba Walker, Allen Iverson, Corey Maggette, Anthony Davis, and Tyrus Thomas? We will have a better idea when the NBA Draft takes place on June 28th, 2012. On May 30th, we will find out which pick MJ will have. I hope that Michael Jordan gets it right this time. The Kwame’ Brown and Adam Morrison draft picks were bad ones; however, 2012 could mark the end of bad draft picks, and the beginning of smart decisions. Here’s to crossing our fingers…

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