Even after a big year, most experts see Jones as a late first, early second round pick. The Bobcats can only hope he falls to them at 31. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

2012 NBA Draft: Who should the Bobcats take in round 2?

With an impressive amount of talent lined up in round one of the 2012 NBA draft, at least one or two players with bright futures ahead of them will fall to the second round.

Charlotte might not have gotten the first pick in round one, but they do have pick one of round two.

It’s tough to project who will fall into round two, but almost all of the mock drafts I’ve seen have West Virginia’s Kevin Jones as the best available after the first round.

It would be hard for the Bobcats to pass on him if Jones falls into the second round; In his final season with the Mountaineers, the 6’8″ forward scored almost 20 points and grabbed almost 11 rebounds per game. He finished the year with a defensive rating just below 100, shot nearly 50 percent from the floor his entire career, and shot free-throws at a 78 percent clip his senior season.

After Jones, there are a few other ways Charlotte could go.

According to a few mock drafts, Royce White might still be available, and if he is I’d strongly consider taking him over Jones. Some mock drafts have Jeffery Taylor falling to round two, which I think is madness, and others have his Vanderbilt teammate (and possibly the next Ray Allen) John Jenkins falling as well. If either of those players were available at number 31, Charlotte would have to scoop them up.

I really like Draymond Green as a value pick in round two, but I think his style of play and skill-set is more suited to an established, playoff-bound team.

Charlotte can go plenty of ways with their round two pick, and they might even pull a diamond from the rough.

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